Stacking support system for holding production moulds

Stacking System mit WASA WOODPLAST
Stacking System with WASA WOODPLAST®

Efficient production lines also need a transport medium in addition to high-quality polyurethane moulds. From its extensive portfolio, WASA combines its WOODPLAST® production boards with its polyurethane moulds to create an effective system for manufacturing wetcast concrete products.

WASA-WOODPLAST® production boards have been successfully employed as self-stacking pallets in the wetcast industry for more than 10 years. The WASA-WOODPLAST® support system is optimally adapted to the requirements of customers and system suppliers alike.

Stacking System mit WASA WOODPLAST

The requirements for a support system specifically for the wetcast industry are:

  • Sophisticated interlocking system for centring individual boards in a stack and as protection against displacement during transport
  • In a pallet stack, the lowest board carries the complete load of the concrete goods, moulds and system weight
  • Permanent securing of the entire assembly with bolts
  • High abrasion resistance of the board underside
  • Only one-sided use of the boards. The boards cannot be turned over due to the mounted feet or supports
  • Maximum occupancy area despite mounted feet or supports
  • Level, closed surface
  • Load application in longitudinal and transverse directions
  • Low dead weight in relation to the load case
  • Easy assembly of moulds and accessories
Stacking System mit WASA WOODPLAST
Practical adjustment of the supports and support width in the hardening chamber when a stack is fully loaded with a total weight of 2,000 kg. 

The lowest plate in the pallet stack carries the entire load of the concrete goods, forms and the system weight.

Stacking System mit WASA WOODPLAST
Assembly group consisting of WASA WOODPLAST® support board with feet and free-standing polyurethane mould. 

This 3 cavity mould is screwed to the support board using metal sleeves. The position of the metal sleeves facilitates demoulding the concrete blocks with a vacuum robot. The circumferential mould lip prevents concrete from running under the mould.

When it comes to cost-effectiveness and sustainability, the WASA support system can lay claim to many years of practical experience. The solid wood core used also comes from regional and sustainable forestry. In the past, solutions in the form of solid steel structures were also used in addition to the WASA WOODPLAST® support system.

However, steel structures have to be regularly oiled against corrosion in a concrete production facility but this, of course, is not necessary with a support board.

The WASA system is also outstanding in terms of the ratio of its own weight to the load-bearing capacity possible. Moulds and accessories can be mounted quickly and easily with threaded wooden bolts.

In the event of damage to the surfaces, e.g. due to the replacement of old moulds, the assembly holes can be permanently repaired by the customer himself using a special repair kit.

Our stacking support system WASA STACKING can be equipped with single or multi-nest Wetcast molds; this symbiosis makes it a real innovation.

The system allows production to be largely automated. The ability to stack the elements allows optimum use of the production area available, with no need for support frames for individual moulds. 

A strong system in terms of production speed and capacity – and above all an intelligent system that pays off. Our WASA STACKING is delivered fully assembled, so you can integrate the system into your production straight away.


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