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Sustainability and efficiency: Double the profit by switching to plastic boards

For over four years now, WASA has been forging a strong partnership with MT-Beton in order to serve the French-speaking world with innovative solutions.


New production plant for polyurethane-coated production boards

You really can't deny that WASA AG knows its trade. For over 60 years now, the market leader in production boards has been successfully developing, researching and producing.


Innovative retaining wall system with a natural stone look

easy block GmbH from Carinthia in Austria is a young com-pany that was founded in 2022 as a promising joint project between two renowned companies, Kandussi Holding and Hirsch Porozell, ...


Efficiency in harmony with nature

The impact of climate change on the environment is increasingly influencing the future. Industry plays an important role in this, as it contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions.


Flexible polyurethane liners for the design of textured precast concrete elements and façade elements

Ambitious construction projects are evolving from classic in-situ concrete formwork to prefabricated and customised precast concrete elements. Realising a vision of architects and designers...


Production boards as the base for product quality

To meet the ever-increasing demands on quality and dimensional accuracy of all types of concrete blocks, there are various possibilities to improve the production processes.


Wetcast in its best shape

Wetcast is a very popular method for concrete goods production. Both simple and complex shapes and designs can be produced with this technique. The surface of Wetcast products is very special...


Unproblematic changeover from softwood to glass-fibre reinforced plastic production boards

Prefabricados La Romera S.L., a Spanish family-run company is based in El Padul, Andalusia, with a wealth of tradition. Since its beginnings in 1976, it has pursued two clear goals:......


Wasa AG and Eckart Holz GmbH announce their cooperation

GmbH from Hünfeld in northern Hesse and Wasa AG based in Darmstadt announced their cooperation in the field of softwood production boards. Both companies are now focusing on their specific core ...


High-quality design products with modern plant technology in the wet cast process

The concrete block industry is never short of ideas. Wetcast moulds made of polyurethane are an excellent way to realise even the most complex geometries and surfaces in concrete.


All-plastic boards ensure continuity and high performance in unison

Delfing Baustoffwerke GmbH & Co. KG has been successfully manufacturing its products for almost 20 years now on all-plastic boards made by Wasa.


Research and development ensure long-term success

The terms research and development are emblazoned on the flags of every modern company. To what extent this is also put into practice is often a different matter. When a company like Wasa...


Support systems and polyurethane moulds for state-of-the-art wetcast manufacturing

A daily output of more than 2,000 m² concrete products is possible with a cutting-edge, fully automated wetcast system. Popular products here are high-quality terrace slabs as imitation natural...


Prolonged life for production boards

A question that countless production board users ask themselves every year: when is the best time to replace production boards? The answer is simple: just then, when production boards can ...


Partnership-based cooperation over decades

FCN Franz Carl Nüdling Basaltwerke GmbH + Co. KG is a medium-sized family business with its headquarters in Fulda, in the state of Hessen, Germany, that can look back on decades of successful...


New Chancellor Square in Bonn – eye-catching façade thanks to PU matrices

The Wasa Construct division is becoming increasingly important within the Wasa group. Only small formats were manufactured in the first years of polyurethane mould production, but now the share...


Offering comprehensive services for wet-cast technology of tomorrow

The currently high demand for building materials helped to fill the order books of the concrete product manufacturers as well.


Unequivocal production board identification with RFID

The importance of Industry 4.0 is also increasingly gaining in significance in the field of concrete block product manufacturing. What was originally perceived as a technology to be found......


3D printing and milling of complex concrete elements for the production of casting resin molds

The demand for high quality as well as precast concrete elements with complex geometries has been continuously increasing in recent years. Milling from polyurethane is a leading technology...


Ready for Tomorrow’s Wetcast Technology

The current high demand for construction materials has given rise to full order books for concrete product manufacturers. Concrete products manufactured for gardening and landscaping using the...


Sustainable and reliable production boards for the concrete block industry

In 1991, Wasa Unterlagsplatten GmbH, now Wasa AG, introduced a new and innovative plastic production board to the market. Even then, sustainability played an important role and a recycling...


More than just good partner for 60 years to the concrete block industry

Wasa has been the embodiment of high-quality production boards for the concrete block industry since 1960. It was founded by Walter Salje – the Wa-Sa company name is derived from his initials –...


Solution-oriented system of formwork and liners for flat concrete elements

Ambitious architecture for modern facades is hardly possible without the building material concrete. The shell of a building is evolving from the classic insitu concrete form-work to prefabricated ...


Liquid polyurethane for creative, industrial concrete manufacturers

The challenge of manufacturing wetcast molds with simple means for a small series, or for implementing a creative idea in stone, is taken up by creative concrete manufacturers.


Customised solutions for the Wetcast and Precast sector

The WASA CONSTRUCT division within the WASA Group is growing at an unexpectedly high rate.



Tobias Hess becomes new member of the WASA AG board of directors.


The Consorzio AMP cooperation will focus on fibre-reinforced solid plastic boards in the future

The Italian cooperative association, consisting of Micheletto s.a.s., Pavesmac s.r.l. and Antolini M.C.E. Manufatti Cemento Edilizia s.r.l., would like to set the standards in Italy...


Alas Emirates Block LL.C. prepares for the future with solid plastic boards

Appropriate production boards, which bring the performance of the machine into the stone product to be manufactured, also belong in a high quality static board machine and circulation plant.


Betonwerk Pallmann GmbH invests in new production boards

Betonwerk Pallmann GmbH, based in Dollern, has been producing high-quality concrete products for the national market at this location since 1978.


Successful participation of WASA at the Batimat 2019.

The Batimat is one of the world's leading building fairs. It brings together the most comprehensive range of products, equipment and services in the world and the largest number of French


Better compaction results and consistent stone quality

Georg Huber Betonsteine GmbH can look back on a long and extremely successful history. High-quality concrete products have been manufactured at the only site in Altomünster, Bavaria, Germany,


The company Arhibet in Serbia relies for the first time on glass-fibre reinforced production boards

The company Arhibet was founded in 2007 by Mr. Marko Mitic and Mr. Aleksander Stojanovic in Niš, Serbia. The city of Niš is located about 250 km southeast of the Serbian capital Belgrade.


Successful trade fair appearance

The name WASA has stood since 1960 for high quality production boards. The Hessen and Thuringia-based company extended its product range in 2007 by polyurethane moulds for the wetcast industry.


KBH Baustoffwerke Gebhart & Söhne relies on the tried-and-tested

KBH Baustoffwerke Gebhart & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG, based in the Allgäu, has for decades enjoyed an outstanding reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality concrete products.


Polyurethan Precast Forms for the new Puskás Ferenc Stadium

Following the establishment in 1980 of what at that time was WASA Unterlagsplatten GmbH, which initially concerned itself, ...


Further German premium manufacturer banks on glassfibre reinforced solid plastic boards

In Schüttorf in the district of Grafschaft Bentheim, Lower Saxony, there is a concrete and precast plant that is intent on impressing not only through its sheer size, but also through top quality, ...


From digital prototype to concrete element

The situation and demand for concrete products is very good in the concrete block industry.


Successful conversion to coated production boards with solid wooden core in the Lithonplus plant in Hohen Wangelin

Lithonplus more and more turns away from coated plywood ...


CS Beton in the Czech Republic invests in the future and relies on the latest generation of a production board

The CS-Beton s.r.o. company, with headquarters in Litoměřice, is one of the leading concrete product manufacturers in the Czech Republic.


No need to invest in new boards, old ones can be repaired

Even with all the care, things still can go wrong. It happened to the company EBN in Neumünster Germany that due to a loosening screw under a mould, ...


Reconfiguring concrete slabs manufactured using the hermetic production process and combining them with wet cast products

Planners and architects no longer consider the various concrete products to be isolated from each other.


Viastein starts up new plant in eastern Hungary

For Viastein in Hungary WASA supplied fiberglass boards of the latest version.


WASA AG at the ICCX Central Europe 2018 in Ossa/Poland

Also in 2018 the WASA AG recorded two very successful exhibition days at the ICCX in Ossa Poland.


Expansion of the plant equipment to reduce delivery times

Around 1.5 Mio EUR WASA is investing in its production facility in Thuringia in order to increase production capacity for WASA UNIPLAST® ULTRA.


Even after years, the lightweight for large forces is still just as impressive as with the first cycle

High-performance plastic meets inexpensive softwood board in the WASA WOODPLAST® production board.


New edition of a classic WASA reinterpreted cast stone in Romano Classico Travertine Design

Today, WETCAST artificial stones are considered high quality designer products.


Polyurethane wearing parts and accessories

In addition to its existing product range WASA now offers spare parts made of Polyurethane.


Production boards made from wood

Now over a year has passed since WASA, as a producer for a broad range of production boards, has released a report in CPI about the treatment of production boards in a concrete block plant.


Liquid Polyurethane for creative concrete manufacturers

Nowadays numerous concrete workers rise the challenge to produce WETCAST forms with simple mediums for a small – and for a stone batch.


WASA AG presents itself at the SEEBBE in Belgrade

It was the first time that WASA AG participated in the SEEBBE fair in Belgrade. The trade fair took place from 19th to 23rd April 2017 in Serbia’s capital Belgrade.


WASA AG at the ICCX Central Europe 2017 in Ossa/Poland

With great success the ICCX Central Europe 2017 took place in Ossa, Poland from February 8-9, 2017.


Phoenix Concrete Products in Dubai has been relying on solid plastic boards WASA UNIPLAST® and WASA UNIPLAST® ULTRA

Phoenix Concrete Products, a concrete product manufacturer based in Dubai, outputs 150,000 concrete blocks each day on a production and office area totalling 50,000 m2.


WASA at bauma 2016

WASA WETCAST polyurethane moulds at bauma 2016.


Dimensionally robust, stable and long-lasting wetcast moulds

WASA has been producing cast resin moulds from polyurethane and silicone in Neubrunn, southern Thuringia, for eight years now.


Investment in new wetcast and drycast lines pays off for Austria Beton Werk

One of the most significant manufacturers of concrete block products in Slovakia, Austria Beton Werk (ABW) from Králová pri Senci, ...