Greatness comes in all shapes and sizes

Learn everything about WASA PRECAST – our new, large-format molds and liners made of high quality polyurethane.



Alas Emirates Block LL.C. prepares for the future with solid plastic boards

Appropriate production boards, which bring the performance of the machine into the stone product to be manufactured, also belong in a high quality static board machine and circulation plant.


Successful participation of WASA at the Batimat 2019.

The Batimat is one of the world's leading building fairs. It brings together the most comprehensive range of products, equipment and services in the world and the largest number of French


Better compaction results and consistent stone quality

Georg Huber Betonsteine GmbH can look back on a long and extremely successful history. High-quality concrete products have been manufactured at the only site in Altomünster, Bavaria, Germany,


Image: Közti Zrt.

A vision comes to life.

A new look: The legendary Puskás Ferenc Stadium in Budapest is to get a new look in time for the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship. Our PRECAST project was to partially re-clad the arena – a large-scale project both metaphorically and literally. To create the striking facade elements, we produced liners measuring an impressive 7 x 2 meters.


Connected for the future.

A new 118 km rail network is intended to relieve the pressure on London’s infrastructure. Eight new tube stations are also being created. We provided casting molds in a wide variety of geometries for the facade elements. Read on to find out how modern project planning methods made one of Europe’s largest construction projects a success.


For your individual needs: Flexible polyurethane molds with supporting frames to produce three-dimensional wall cladding with undercuts or self-standing molds for reinforced finished concrete parts – possible for surfaces of up to 20 m2.

  • Mold weights of up to 2 tons
  • Self-standing mold without additional supportive casing
  • High wear and tear resistance
  • High reproducibility of motifs
  • Design freedom for facade
  • Detailed depiction of designs
  • Cost savings thanks to high reusability

    (numerous application cycles)


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Requirements are changing ever faster – and the concrete industry is no exception. WASA works with strong and renowned partners to meet these requirements. They are among the world’s leading producers of polyurethane systems for the concrete industry, separators and additives, concrete materials and cement solutions.