A new landmark takes shape

Neuer Kanzlerplatz Bonn

We are once again making a great contribution to a futuristic, large-scale project with WASA PRECAST. With its highest point of 101.5 meters, Neuer Kanzlerplatz will be a striking new feature of the Bonn skyline.

The Lindner Group commissioned WASA Compound GmbH & Co. KG with the manufacturing of 12 different form liners. As a total of 2,786 facade elements had to be installed, we delivered 30 casings overall. The dimensions are substantial, with the largest form liner weighing 240 kg and measuring an impressive eleven meters in length. 

Architect data

The client takes the production drawings required to construct the model from the corresponding BIM database and makes them available. The models are then designed and constructed on this basis.

Model construction

Model construction follows the CAD and CAM processing.

Molding the form liner

Form liners can be removed from the casting mold following a curing period of around 24 hours.

Casing system ready for dispatch

The form liner is then placed in the corresponding supporting frame where it is used to manufacture the individual concrete elements.

Installing the facade

Following the building construction phase, the finished facade elements are installed on the buildings of the new urban district.


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David Werning

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Matthias Schumm

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WASA Compound GmbH & Co. KG

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