3D printing and milling of complex concrete elements for the production of casting resin molds

The demand for high quality as well as precast concrete elements with complex geometries has been continu-ously increasing in recent years. Milling from polyurethane is a leading technology for creating models for precast concrete parts. Enormous material waste as well as high costs arise in the production of unique components due to geometric complexity. Wasa Compound GmbH & Co. Kg, the Department of Lightweight Structures and Polymer Technology at Chemnitz University of Technology and the Steinbeis Innovation Center FiberCrete are researching the development of a cost-effective and recyclable molding system to reduce costs and increase sustainability. The forming system will enable precast concrete parts to be produced in a resource-saving and thus environmentally friendly way. The article at hand gives a brief overview of the ongoing research on the development of the printable and millable concrete.