Unproblematic changeover from softwood to glass-fibre reinforced plastic production boards

Prefabricados La Romera S.L., a Spanish family-run company is based in El Padul, Andalusia, with a wealth of tradition. Since its beginnings in 1976, it has pursued two clear goals: manufacturing products of the highest quality and meeting the needs and expectations of its many customers. The company manufactures a broad product portfolio on a total of four production lines with advanced machine technology. It includes concrete products, such as concrete blocks in many variations, kerbstones, garden furniture and flower boxes, and also large-format precast concrete elements, concrete floor beams and pipes for sewer engineering. To ensure consistently high quality in the area of concrete blocks in the future, the decision was recently taken to employ a product from Wasa that has proven itself over decades: the Wasa Uniplast Ultra glass-fibre reinforced plastic production board.